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HGM Ultrafine Powder Grinding Mill  – Case In The United States

HGM Ultrafine Powder Grinding Mill

Calcium Carbonte Powder Production Line

Processing Material : Calcite

Quantity : 18-25 t/h

Finished Size: 800 mesh, 1250 mesh and 3000 mesh

Applications : PE, cosmetics, paint, paper making

Choose Equipment : HGM Series Ultrafine Powder Grinding Mill

About This Case

As is known to all, New York — the largest port city in the United States, the second largest manufacturing city in the United States, has the world’s top manufacturing equipment and testing equipment. New York is also the busiest city in the world. It is precisely by virtue of these advantages that the customer in New York keeps expanding its market scale and has higher and higher requirements for fineness and quality of finished products of calcium carbonate powder. Therefore, the customer in New York decides to expand several production lines of calcium carbonate powder. 

The customer contacted us through our official website. Through communication, we learned that the raw material of the customer is calcite, and the annual production demand is more than 150,000 tons.  The fineness demand of calcium carbonate powder is 800 mesh, 1250 mesh and 3000 mesh. And the quality of powder should meet their testing standards, so our sales engineer recommended several sets of HGM ultrafine powder grinding mills for him.

ultrafine powder grinding mill

HGM Ultrafine Powder Grinding Mill 

Finished Size: 150-3000 mesh

Processing Ability: 1-45 t/h

Max Feeding Size: 10-25 mm

Range Of Application: Calcium Carbonate 、Limestone 、Kaolin、Gypsum 、Bentonite、Dolomite…

Advantages of our company

Our company’s technical research and development department has repeatedly calibrated HGM ultrafine powder grinding mill equipment performance and repeated testing of finished fine powder, and issued an experimental test report. At the same time, our company’s sales technical team has formulated a complete production process and process plan for customers, especially in workshop layout, In terms of foundation treatment and environmental performance, it has won customer satisfaction and recognition.In the end, the customer chose to work with Clirik among many suppliers.

Our company has excellent ultra-fine grinding equipment and strictly controls product quality. 

Ultrafine grinding equipment and products have passed ISO9001, EU CE certification, French BV certification, Geneva SGS certification, etc. The products meet international standards. 

The calcium carbonate powder production line we designed can flexibly adjust the proportion of finished materials according to market conditions. 

Our calcium carbonate powder production line adopts the design principles of centralized control, intelligence, automation and modularization in the industrial park, relying on the intelligent control system to control the operation status of the equipment, and the operation and maintenance are more convenient. 

We have good after-sales service and can provide fast installation and maintenance services all over the world.


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