Mica powder ultrafine mill
Crushed mica powder is important raw materials of cosmetics and aerospace industry. Before processing mica powder for cosmetics or aerospace industry, you need firstly pulverize mica stone to be 1250mesh~ 2500mesh. Clirik offers HGM series mica ultrafine mill to grind mica stone. And you can choose open circuit or closed circuit powder grinding system according to your real situation.
Mica powder in cosmetics and aviation materials industry:
  The application of mica powder varies according to its fineness. For example, the mica powder with fineness between 8mesh and 20mesh is mainly used for building materials which can help make waterproof , fire protection, thermal insulation and decorative. The mica powder of 60mesh~ 120mesh is often used as blending agent of paint, filler, cover and lubricants of rubber, filler of plastic. And also it’s the basic raw material for mica ceramic. In cosmetics or aerospace industry, the mica powder is good additive which can enhance the shining effect of cosmetic and ensure better reflected light effect by spraying mica paint on the surface of aircraft. However, in cosmetics or aviation industry, the needed mica powder must be pulverized into 1250mesh~ 2500mesh.
Raw materials used in cosmetics and aerospace industry: 
Materials: Mica powder
Fineness Requirement: 1250mesh~ 2500mesh
Offer Equipment: HGM Series mica ultrafine grinding mill
Clirik grinding mills to pulverize your mica to be 1250mesh~ 2500mesh:
HGM Ultrafine Mill for mica powder
Clirik HGM series mica ultrafine millworks to pulverize mica stone into powder with fineness between 1250 and 2500mesh which is totally suitable for cosmetics or aviation industry. Clirik can offer you the complete mica powder grinding system with both open-circuit and closed-circuit available.
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