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How to deal with the dust problem in the grinding process of the grinding mill?

The mineral powder grinding mill is a commonly used grinding equipment. In the mineral powder production line, a large amount of dust will be generated during the production process. which not only endangers the health of operators, but also easily causes environmental pollution. Therefore, solving the dust problem of grinding equipment has become the primary task that enterprises need to solve urgently. With more than ten years of experience in the production of mineral powder grinding mill equipment, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. has summarized the causes and solutions for the generation of dust in the grinding machine.

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What are the factors that cause the grinding mill to generate dust?

1.The material itself is too dry, in the process of crushing will produce a lot of dust

2.Grinidng Mill production design problem, the grinding mill is semi-closed structure, open connection produces dust leakage.

3.The fan continues to blow air, and the residual air discharge produces a large amount of dust.

4.Improper human operation,  feeding speed control, material feeding too fast and too much, air volume too large, packaging and handling will cause serious dust overflow problems.

5.Equipment failure, dust increase.

How to deal with the dust produced by the grinding mill?

1.Check the gaps of each pipe of the ultrafine mill to prevent dust from leaking out, thereby causing environmental pollution,Atomization and dust removal protection can be entered at the inlet of the equipment,Note that the amount of water spraying needs to be strictly controlled. Avoid blockage of conveying pipelines, feeders, and filter bags of dust collectors. It is recommended that the humidity should not be higher than 6%.

2.The connection method between the equipment can be changed, and the inlet and outlet ports can be closed to prevent dust leakage.For example, the discharge port of jaw crusher, silo and other semi-closed equipment.

3. Install dust collector, which can effectively solve the dust leakage caused by fan exhaust 
The dust collector is very important in the production of grinding powder. It is a necessary component of the grinding process. The quality of the dust removal device is directly related to the quality of the entire equipment.Our company adopts DMC PULSE BAG FILTER.

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4.The staff wear masks when entering the workshop, operate the machine according to the normal equipment regulations, strengthen the management of the superfine mill factory, place the parts in the workshop neatly, and have a special person to clean it. The superfine mill workshop needs to be cleaned every day. Clean one or two times to make the workshop as pollution-free as possible. In the operation workshop, dust-free operation can be realized, and the phenomenon of serious dust emission can be eliminated.

5.There are two reasons for this increase in dust due to equipment failure:

1)The state of the valve of the machine is wrong, there is no negative pressure in the production line, and there will be powder spraying at the feed port of the grinding mill.

2)There are cracks in the conveying equipment itself or other reasons, which lead to poor sealing and leakage of dust. 

The above two need to find out the reasons according to different methods, and adjust the grinding equipment reasonably.