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Limestone Powder Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

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Limestone Powder Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

Limestone Powder Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

Modle : CLUM Series

Finished Size: 400-3000 mesh

Processing Ability: 3 – 45t/h

Max Feeding Size: 10 mm

MQQ : 1 Set

Price: 129999- 599999 $

Range Of Application: Limestone, Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Kaolin, Gypsum, Kaolin, Bentonite, Dolomite…

Product overview of limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill

The limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill is mainly used in the production of limestone powder. The Ultra-fine vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding and conveying, which is especially suitable for large-scale production of ultra-fine powder processing of non-metallic minerals. Limestone for short, carbonate rocks with calcite as the main component. Limestone powder can be used in many industrial fields. Such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, agriculture, etc., have a high market application value.

Structure of limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill:

1. Grinding disc: including guide ring, wind ring, retaining ring, lining plate, disc body, scraper and lifting device, etc.

2.Grinding roller: The roller sleeve is an easy to wear part, which requires sufficient toughness and good wear resistance.

3. Powder separators can be divided into three categories: static, dynamic and high-efficiency combined powder separators:

4. Pressure device: hydraulic device, accumulator.

5. Monitoring device: rocker monitoring, vibration monitoring.

6. Transmission device: electric motor, reducer.

Water spray system: reduce the temperature and stabilize the material layer.

7. Coarse powder external circulation system: elevator.

Limestone powder ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill structure
Limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill structure

Working principle of limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill

Limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill plate is rotated by the main motor via the reduction gear. Meanwhile, high pressure air enters the mill interior via inlet. Materials then fall onto the center of the grinding plate in rotation by the screw conveyor feeder. Due to the centrifugal force, the materials evenly move from the center of the grinding plate towards its fringe. While passing across the track in the grinding plate, large blocks of materials are crushed and grinded directly by the grinding roller. The fine particles form the material bed, owing to squeezing, where the inter-particle crushing takes place until grind to the fine powder.

Limestone powder ultrafine vertical grinding mill fine powder continue to move towards the fringe of the grinding plate until they are taken away by strong air flow at the air ring. While the materials along with the air flow pass through the separator located above the grinding plate, the coarse particles return to the grinding plate for re-pulverization due to the action of the rotor blade, the fine particles along with the air flow leave the mill interior and are collected and discharged as finished powder product by the powder collector.

Product parameter of limestone powder grinding mill

Main Configuration and Production
Model CLUM1425 CLUM1632 CLUM1736
Working Diameters(mm) 1400 1600 1700
Number of rollers(pieces) 3 3 3
Number of classifier(pieces) 5 7 7
Power of classifier(Kw) 5X15 7X15 7X(15~18.5)
Main unit power (Kw) 250 315 355
Blower power(Kw) 200 250 315
Feed size (mm) <10mm <10mm <10mm
Moisture of feeding material <3% <3% <3%
Less than 2μm=34%  
11-14 13-17 15-19
Less than 2μm=46%  
7-8 9-10 11-12
Less than 2μm=60% 
3-4 / /
Material: based on calcite
Particle size distribution: measured by micro laser diffraction particle size analyzer in British Malvern3000 instruments

Advantages and disadvantages of limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill

Advantage of limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill:

1. The production and investment costs are greatly reduced.

The limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill system has simple process flow, compact layout, and small building area. It covers an area of about 70% of the ball mill system, and the building space is about 60% of the ball mill system. It can be arranged in the open air, which directly reduces the investment cost of the enterprise. And the vertical grinding mill itself has a separator, so there is no need to add a powder separator and lifting equipment. The dust-containing gas from the mill can be directly collected by a bag filter or an electric dust collector.

2.High production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

The limestone powder vertical grinding mill grinds materials by the principle of material layer grinding, with low energy consumption. The power consumption of the grinding system is 20% to 30% lower than that of the ball mill, and the energy saving effect is more obvious as the moisture of the raw material increases. Compared with the ball mill system, the energy consumption of the vertical mill system can be reduced by 30% to 40%. The vertical grinding mill does not have the metal impact sound of the steel balls colliding with each other and the liner in the ball mill, so the noise is low, which is 20-25dB lower than that of the ball mill. In addition, the vertical mill adopts a fully enclosed system, the system works under negative pressure, no dust, and the environment is clean.

3.Strong material drying ability.

The limestone ultrafine powder vertical grinding mill adopts hot air to transport materials, and when grinding materials with high moisture content, the inlet air temperature can be controlled to make the product reach the required final moisture. It can be dried in the vertical mill grind materials with a moisture content of up to 15% to 20%.

4.Easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Equipped with an automatic control system, it can realize remote control and is easy to operate; by checking and repairing the oil cylinder and turning the boom, the roller sleeve and liner can be replaced conveniently and quickly, and the loss of the enterprise can be reduced.

5. Product quality is stable and easy to detect.

The chemical composition of the product is stable, and the particle size is uniform, which is good for calcination. ​the residence time of the material in the limestone powder vertical mill is only 2~3min, while it takes 15~20min in the ball mill. Therefore, the chemical composition and fineness of vertical mill products can be quickly determined and corrected.

6. Low wear and high utilization rate.

Because there is no direct metal contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc in the operation of the limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill, the wear is small, and the metal consumption per unit product is generally 5-10g/t.

Disadvantage of limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill:

1. Limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill is not suitable for grinding hard and abrasive materials, with short service life and frequent maintenance. Moreover, its wear parts are more expensive than ball mills, but compared with the total maintenance of the ball mills, elevators, powder separators and other equipment it replaces, it still appears simple, easy to maintain and has a small workload.

2. Compared with ball mills, limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill have a higher energy consumption utilization rate. This is the main reason why vertical mills are preferred to the grinding system. However, the fineness of the vertical mills is too uniform and there is no reasonable particle gradation, which limits the application of vertical mills. The main reason for clinker grinding.

3. The energy consumption efficiency of the ball mill is low, and there is a tendency to be replaced by vertical grinding mills, roller presses and other equipment. However, the ball mill has the unique advantage of “the particle shape is approximately spherical, which is beneficial to the calcination of raw materials and the hydration and hardening of cement”. Material grinding is still the main reason for most use of ball mills.

About Limestone

Limestone (limestone) is referred to as Limestone, carbonate rock with calcite as the main component. Sometimes contain dolomite, clay minerals and detrital minerals, gray, gray, gray black, yellow, light red, brown red and other colors, hardness is generally not large, and dilute hydrochloric acid has a violent chemical reaction. According to genetic classification, it belongs to sedimentary rocks.

Limestone has excellent properties such as thermal conductivity, firmness, water absorption, impermeability, sound insulation, polishing, good cementation and processability, which can be used directly or deeply processed. Therefore, limestone is an important industrial raw material widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, construction, agriculture and other special industrial sectors.



1. Why do you choose the limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill?

Limestone powder ultrafine vertical roller mill produces higher fineness and better quality powder than traditional mills. Applicable to a more high-end market, better earnings.

2. Why do you choose Shanghai Clirik Machine Co., LTD?

Because we not only have high quality ultrafine mill equipment, but also excellent service, we can provide customers with site survey, scheme design, on-site installation, technical personnel training and other services.

3. What modes of transportation do you have?

We have land transportation, sea transportation, air transportation and other modes of transportation. You buy each item we will verify the packaging, to ensure that you can receive the goods for installation and production.

4. Which payment methods do you favor?

L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, T/T, MoneyGram, negotiable