• Shanghai Clirik Wins High Popularity at Bauma China     /14-11-26

    The seventh bauma China held in Shanghai, China, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. as a famous China grinding mill supplier , of course takes part in it. Yesterday was the first day of it, but we had made a great achiev...

  • China Grinding Mill Supplier Distribution     /14-11-13

    China Invasion has become a hot topic these years. China has vast territory, abundant resources and huge labor population. Made-in-china has become a brand, quite low price brand with good quality. In grinding field, ther...

  • CLIRIK will Take Part in bauma China 2014     /14-11-07

    Introduction of bauma China: Bau means construction in Cerman, and ma means machinery, equipment. So attached both of them means engineering machinery. Because its pronunciation is very close to baoma, people call them ba...

  • Desulphrization Powder Grinding Mill     /14-11-07

    Desulphrization powder grinding mill is one of our hot sale products. With vehical exhaust increase, desulphrization development pays an important role in environmental protection. Desulphurization powder grinding mill is...

  • Powder Grinding Mill Price     /14-11-05

    We believe that the majority of cunstomers most care about issure is the price of powder grinding mill . Although some of them also pay attention to the stone grinding machine quality and after-sale services, powder grind...

  • High Fineness Grinding Mill for Sale     /14-11-04

    Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is famoue for its high fineness HGM micro powder grinding mill for sale . The traditional Raymond mill finished the most fineness just can reach about 300meshes, even Clirik Raymond mil...

  • What are the Factors Restricting Stone Grinding Machine Price     /14-11-03

    As a manufacturer of stone grinding machine , the grinding mill wide sales, marketing good corporate earnings are fundamental. However, many large stone grinding machine due to high input costs, prices tend to restrict th...

  • Australia Pyrolysis Carbon Black Grinding Mill Case     /14-10-31

    Pyrolsis carbon black grinding mill/grinding mill for sale case: October is a golden month for selling grinding mill/ gring mill for sale . During this month, Our Australia customers come to our factory for testing HGM100...

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