• CLIRIK will Take Part in bauma China 2014     /14-11-07

    Introduction of bauma China: Bau means construction in Cerman, and ma means machinery, equipment. So attached both of them means engineering machinery. Because its pronunciation is very close to baoma, people call them ba...

  • Desulphrization Powder Grinding Mill     /14-11-07

    Desulphrization powder grinding mill is one of our hot sale products. With vehical exhaust increase, desulphrization development pays an important role in environmental protection. Desulphurization powder grinding mill is...

  • Powder Grinding Mill Price     /14-11-05

    We believe that the majority of cunstomers most care about issure is the price of powder grinding mill . Although some of them also pay attention to the stone grinding machine quality and after-sale services, powder grind...

  • High Fineness Grinding Mill for Sale     /14-11-04

    Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is famoue for its high fineness HGM micro powder grinding mill for sale . The traditional Raymond mill finished the most fineness just can reach about 300meshes, even Clirik Raymond mil...

  • What are the Factors Restricting Stone Grinding Machine Price     /14-11-03

    As a manufacturer of stone grinding machine , the grinding mill wide sales, marketing good corporate earnings are fundamental. However, many large stone grinding machine due to high input costs, prices tend to restrict th...

  • Australia Pyrolysis Carbon Black Grinding Mill Case     /14-10-31

    Pyrolsis carbon black grinding mill/grinding mill for sale case: October is a golden month for selling grinding mill/ gring mill for sale . During this month, Our Australia customers come to our factory for testing HGM100...

  • How to Deal with Grinding Mill for Sale Bottleneck     /14-10-29

    Whatever countries developing or individual, during which there will be a different bottleneck. Across it, you can scale new heights; on the contrary, may stagnate. Therefore, the bottleneck occurs when the face not only ...

  • Turkey is the Fastest Growing Export Country to China     /14-10-27

    As we all know, Turkey is rich of mineral resources. We have sold many mineral grinding mill to there. In reverse, Turkey is becoming the fastest growing export country to China driven by marble quality and rich supplier....

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