What's the Steps of Running Superfine Grinding Mill
How to turn on a superfine grinding mill? As we all know, the superfine powder grinding mill is usually used in stone powder production line, however, do you know what's the turn on flow of stone powder production line? Let's know this

superfine grinding mill

Firstly, turn on elevator;

Secondly, turn on the stone crusher, afterwards, we add some materials into it to make the store has certain material preserve;

And then, launch classifier and adjust the rotate speed according to the product fineness; 

Fourthly, we start up air blower, after that we could open the air valve;

Then, launch the main unit, in order to avoid over wear in grinding roller and ring and over vibration in machine, there should be appropriate materials in the it;

Last but not least, launch electric vibrating feeder and adjust it according to the amplitude requirements.

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