How to Improve the Service Life of Raymond Mill
The key component of Raymond Mill is the bearing. The bearing is the heart of the Raymond machine. It is the core component of the Raymond mill, but the Raymond machine is also the most vulnerable component. First of all, we know that the Raymond machine is used for the most part. Outdoor work, so it is easy to be affected by the rust and rust, so we have to regularly remove the rust. Secondly, the Raymond machine's bearing wear is more severe. We can regularly apply the lubricant to reduce the friction. Finally, the Raymond machine The parts of the bearing are prone to looseness, and we have to check and fix it regularly.

Raymond mill has a wide range of applications, which can be used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and mines. Only after good maintenance can the life of Raymond mill equipment be extended. The material is uniformly and continuously fed into the main machine for grinding, and the ground powder is taken out by the circulating airflow of the blower, and classified by an analyzer above the main body of the Raymond mill.

The powder with fineness conforms to the specification, enters the cyclone collector with the wind flow, and is discharged into the product through the powder discharge tube. The airflow flows into the blower from the return duct at the upper end of the large cyclone. The entire air duct system is closed and mostly flows under negative pressure. Since the material to be ground contains moisture, it evaporates into gas during the grinding and gas leaking into the duct under the action of the negative pressure, resulting in an increase in the air volume of the circulating air passage. The increased air volume is introduced into the dust box from the blower and the residual air duct in the main engine. A number of fine powders brought along with the wind flow are collected from the exhaust pipe and discharged into the atmosphere.

Raymond mill

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