The classification of the grinding mill of the technical parameters
If you are concerned about the manufacturer of the grinding mill, you must see a lot of classification of the grinding mill on the official website. According to the customer's production requirements, particle size, production, floor space, cost investment and other factors, you can choose different grinding mill equipment.As a person who has just entered this industry, how to quickly understand the grinding mill?

grinding mill
First of all, you have to understand what the company's grinding mill equipment has?For example, Clirik Machine Co., Ltd. has a history of several decades in the grinding mill industry. With the introduction of foreign advanced technology, we are actively working on our own R&D. At present, our company's grinding mill equipment includes the European version of a trapezoidal mill,Medium-speed trapezoidal mill, vertical roller mill, Raymond Mill, ultra-fine grinding, ball mill and so on. The design principle of so much grinding mill equipment is definitely not the same.
How do customers choose to suit them? In fact, the customer should not have too much concern, because colleagues in the sales department of clirik will ask the customer's production plan and the requirements for the particle size and production of the mill products more carefully. They will also take the customer on-site inspection.

If you are a newcomer to the grinding mill industry, it does not matter, clirik sales will give you full technical guidance, so that you can find the greatest development value in this field.
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