How to Deal with Troubles of the Stone Grinding Machine
What should we do? If the stone grinding machine is broken, when we are using a stone grinding mill. Don’t worry. Clirik will give you some advice on it today. It may be will help you in the future.

Because there are lots types of stone grinding machine, we could not explain all the types, so let us take the Clirik HGM series powder grinding mill as an example.
To fix up the problem, we have to know how the stone grinding machine is made up and what parts does it consist.

stone grinding machine
First, Check the main unit. This the place most malfunction happens, has a look if the spare part is worn out. Second, have a look if the classified runs normally. The classifier runs with high speed, so problems happen constantly. Third, watch the motor of the blower, the motor is the part that often breaks down. Though it has high quality, it still has problems often.

So these are the reasons which could affect our stone grinding machine. We should try our best to avoid these problems. If you have any problem, you can contact our technical staff, and they will contact you as soon as possible.
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