Cause of Abnormal Powder of Limestone Raymond Grinding Mill
The limestone raymond grinding mill users want the grinding mill has a high amount of grinding effect, if the effect is not ideal at the end mill will come to naught, but we can not avoid some abnormal situations in the Raymond grinding mill operation process, resulting in a powder is too thick or too small, or even a serious situation does not appear the powder blocking phenomenon, these situations are summed up the powder anomalies, so what are the causes and solutions?

1, lock powder seal is not strict. If the Raymond grinding mill grinding process, the powder locking sealing work is not done, it will form a powder suction phenomenon, causing no powder or powder is less, so you have to check the seal lock powder, adjust the sealing degree.

2, Limestone Raymond grinding mill did not play a role. Analysis of finished powder size for analysis of Raymond grinding mill, compliance with product standards, whether you need to be grinding, in the analysis of blade wear serious, not to the classification effect, will cause the powder is too thick or too small. In this case, the replacement of a new blade can be solved.

grinding mill

3, Limestone Raymond grinding mill fan did not adjust well. Raymond grinding mill fan air volume if not adjusted, air volume is too large, will cause the flour mill is not normal, the powder will be too thick, the air is too small, the powder will be too small, otherwise check in non exceptional circumstances, should adjust the air flow of the fan in the school is the particle size.

4. Blade of limestone Raymond grinding mill needs to be replaced. Familiar with Raymond Mill knows the blade of Raymond grinding mill is responsible for the material scooped up, when the blade is used for a period of time or quality is not perfect circumstances, wear large, shovel material can not afford, can also cause a powder or powder less, which need to replace the new shovel knife.
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