How to improve the production efficiency of micro powder grinding mill?
Many customers have such a question, our company and a peer company obviously bought the same micro powder grinding mill, why their micro powder grinding mill production capacity and production efficiency is generally higher than our high?This may also be a lot of users want to know the answer to the question.
micro powder grinding mill
Clirik experts said that the same micro powder grinding mill production efficiency is different,and it is a normal thing,in fact, the internal reason is very simple,some precautions can improve the equipment production efficiency, others do and you did not do,natural production efficient is less than others'micro powder grinding mill.What are the aspects of micro powder grinding mill can affect the production efficiency? We look specifically here.
The first, material moisture content.Material humidity is too large,micro powder grinding mill grinding process will be easy to produce fine powder adhesion, and even micro powder grinding mill components will be sticky,and reduce the production efficiency of micro powder grinding mill ,and the finished material is also likely to cause the circulation duct in the transmission process,finished product production can not meet the required requirements.Therefore, in ore grinding chamber to reduce the ore material moisture, also can increase the efficiency of micro powder grinding mill.Second, the hardness of the material.When the hardness of the material increases, in order to carry out the full grinding of the material,grinding roller produce the rolling pressure will increase,, but the equipment will increase the loss at this time ,and resulting in micro powder grinding mill production capacity is reduced,the finished product production lower.Third, current.Increase the current, micro powder grinding mill will naturally improve the efficiency.It should be noted that the current cannot exceed the maximum load of the rated power. Otherwise it will suffer a huge loss.The fifth, micro grinding liner.Micro powder grinding mill lining is mainly used to protect the cylinder, so that the cylinder from the direct impact and friction of the grinding body and the material.Different types of linings can be adjusted in the various positions of the movement grinding body, to achieve the best grinding performance.
Standardize the operation and note the above details, can effectively improve your micro powder grinding mill production efficiency.
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