Pulse Bag Deduster
DMC60-120 pulse bag collector is composed of five main parts.
1. Top body: including upper maintenance gate and air outlet.
2. Middle body: including perforated plate, maintenance gate, filter bag, keel, venturi.
3. Lower body: including air intake, ash bucket, maintenance gate.
4. Ash Discharge System: including spiral conveyor or star ash valve powered by reducer.
5.Blowing System: including pulse controller, electromagnet impulse valve, impulse pipe, air manifold. 
 Working  Principle
      The dust air enters deduster’s tank body through air intake, because the air current volume expands suddenly, the flow speed reduces suddenly, ash of which particles are larger separates from the air current including ash as a result of the collision and the gravity, deposits into ash bucket of lower tank body. Smaller particles are absorbed sluggishly into the extine of filter bag due to various effects of filter bag. The gas which was purified is discharged from air outlet of top body through filter bag by venturi. As time going, with the dust which is absorbed by filter bag’s surface growing, with the air permeability of filter bag weakening, which causes the resistance of deduster to increase unceasingly. To ensure the resistance of deduster to be controlled in a limitative range, with pulse controller sending signals, electromagnetic pulse valve is opened following in order, which makes the compressed air in the gas capsule jet out from each spray orifice of spray pipe to corresponding venture (called primary wind), and then induces ambient air (called secondary wind) which is a few times than primary wind to enter the filter bag when the high-speed airflow passes the venture, resulting the filter bag rapid expansion in an instant, because the impact effect of reverse pulse air current will disappear soon, the filter bag contracts sharply, so this allows the dust accumulating on the filter bag’s extine to be cleared. The falling dust is discharged through the ash discharge systeBecause cleaning proceedes     separately toward a few groups of the filter bag in oder, and do not cut off the dust air which needs to deal, so the processing capacity of deduster remains invariant in the process of cleaning.
Brief Introduction of Blowing System:
It is the constitution of blowing system, impulse valve port A links to the compressed air manifold, port B links to impulse pipe, the controller gives the orders to control the control-valve. When the controller doesn’t output signals, the moving iron core of control-valve seals the exhaust port, impulse valve is power off. When the controller sends signals, the pulse back pressure chamber and atmosphere are interlinked by control-valve, pulse valve opening, the compressed air spurts into venture from gas capsule through pulse valve by the holes of spray pipe, alters to the instantaneous positive pressure in filter bag, realizes cleaning.                            
Main  Fittings
 (1) Pulse Controller
       Pulse controller is the master control equipment of pulse bag deduster, it has electronic contactless switch with NPN low frequency high power triode adopting digital integrated logic, which has a high level of integration and anti-jamming ability, low power consumption, when the supply voltage has a relatively large swing, it still works normally. When operating it does not have the noise、sparklessly、contactlessly、not have machinery wearing parts, it has advantages of small volume、light weight、long lifetime、reliable operation and convenience maintenance. The outer casing adopts aluminum alloy molding structure, which may install directly in the main body of deduster or in the screen cabinet of common control.
Main Technical Specifications:
1. Input Voltage    AC220V  ±10%   50HZ
2. Output Voltage    DC24V
3. Output Amperage   0.8A
4. Power Consumption   <10W
5. Output Pulse Interval Adjustable Range 3~7Scc
6. Output Pulse Width Adjustable Range   0.05~0.25Sec
7. Weight           4.5kg
8. Volume    (L*W*H) 340*282*120mm
9. Operating Environment
     (1) temperature      -25°C--+50°C
     (2) the relative air humidity does not surpass 85% 
     (3) not serious corrosive gas and electric conduction dust
     (4) not strenuous vibration or impact
(2) Electromagnet impulse valve
       Electromagnet impulse valve is main equipment of blowing and cleaning system of pulse bag deduster, it is the switch of blowing compressed air toward the filter bag, is controlled by output signals of pulse controller. This deduster adopts DMK-type electromagnet pulse valve, it combines the pulse valve (differential air valve) with the pilot valve (control valve), besides the air inlet of valve body and the metal pipe of air reservoir connected, the valve body itself has no hose connection. Novelty design, reasonable structure, easy installation, reliable, long life, small power consumption, valve body adopts Aluminum-silicon alloy die-casting, has certain anti-corrosion ability after surface treatment.
Main Technical Specifications:
1. Working Pressure   0.4~0.6Mpa
2. Working Medium    clean air
3. Voltage            DC24V
4. Current            <720mA
5. Amount of gas     when pulse width is 0.12 seconds, <20 standard liters  ( working pressure 6Kgf/cm² )
6. Weight                750g
7. Physical Dimension    140*170mm
8. Operating Environment
 (1) temperature -10°C~+55°C (2) the relative air humidity does not surpass 85%
(3) Ash valve and Reducer of ash discharge device
     Ash valve has two kinds: ash seal valve namely spiral conveyor (using gray column to seal) or rotary ash discharge valve, reducer has two kinds: worm reducer or less tooth difference reducer, the motor power is 0.75 kilowatts (DMC48-129).
(4) Venturi (ejector)
     It is main component of inducing the secondary wind and strengthening the pressure wave of cleaning system, adopts aluminum alloy casting, has certain mechanical strength, the appropriate measures should be taken if corrosion protection requirements appear.
(5) Filter Bag Frame (keel)
     It can support the filter bag to still remain effective filtration area in the negative pressure state. It has two kinds: cage type and spring, the cage is more upright, upward air exhaust conveniently; the spring surface is bright and clean, the weight is light, the vibration breadth is large when cleaning, low requirements to the clean-up height of workshop, two kinds have their characteristics respectively, selecting according to the service condition.
(6) Filter Bag
     Filter bag is the component of filtering dust air. This product adopts “747” and “729” napping industrial polyester fabric for filtration materials (also to be possible to change to other filtration materials by user’s request such as fragrant wind wheel, needle felt), the ability to endure temperature 120°C (up to 150°C instantaneously), the permeability and the mechanical strength are pretty good.
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