The gap between China grinding mill and foreign grinding mill

Ten years ago, China grinding mill have many insufficient aspects compared with foreign grinding mill. After a decade, have China grinding mill raised?
1, no large China grinding mill

The past ten years, as the market for ultra-fine grinding mill demand increases, especially in increasing the amount of a single user and improve product quality and stability requirements for large domestic ultra-fine grinding mill equipment has been some progress, particularly stirring mill areas, has been applied in the paper pigment grade superfine heavy calcium carbonate and ultrafine calcined kaolin. However, a large dry ultrafine grinding mill has no substantive breakthrough.
These year, Shanghai Clirik Machinery, designed and produced the world largest dry ultrafine grinding mill
2, Low automatic control level of China grinding mill 

This is our common problem on China grinding mill. The main reason stems from two aspects, one is the market price is low expectations for China grinding mill. China grinding mill price is 40% less than foreign similar grinding mill. China grinding mill suppliers do not have interest driving force to raise automatic control level. The other is many China grinding mill suppliers do not have self-development ability of intelligent control.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery as one China grinding mill supplier leader, we have our own electric control cabinet workshop. We can design and produce grinding mill and related controlling system according to your needs.

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