Advantages of vertical roller grinding mill to make desulfurization limestone powder
Vertical roller grinding mill techniques to make desulfurization limestone powder
Limestone powder as desulfurizer FGD process required by the solid limestone - dissolving liquid two-phase reaction, the reaction rate is proportional to the specific surface area of ​​the limestone particles. The smaller the particle size of limestone powder, the larger of mass ratio the surface area, better dissolving properties of limestone particles, the higher the rate of a variety of related reactions. However, the smaller the particle size of limestone, grinding mill grinding energy consumption is also higher. Usually requires limestone powder through a 325 mesh (44μm) sieved rate of 95%. Meanwhile limestone and limestone particle size quality related. To ensure the removal efficiency and limestone utilization reaches a certain level, when the high impurity content in limestone, limestone to some of the finer grinding.
The traditional tube grinding mill to make limestone powder, energy consumption, low yield, complex process, fineness and particle size distribution is difficult to control. With the development of grinding technology, the use of vertical roller grinding mill desulfurization limestone powder preparation technology to become mainstream, because the use of the material layer vertical roller grinding mill grinding principle, low power consumption (20 to 30 percent lower than the tube grinding mill power consumption), the chemical composition of the product stability, particle size distribution are homogeneous, the process is simple.
Vertical roller grinding mill desulfurization limestone powder preparation process Introduction
Limestone goes into the vertical roller grinding mill plant by a car or a forklift unloaded into the hopper, using a crushing limestone, limestone uniformly and continuously fed by the feeder crusher feed size is generally controlled at 400-500mm, the expected size of the control in about 15mm, crushed limestone into the limestone by the delivery device library, the library set up a stand-alone top precipitator dust. Crushed limestone from the bottom in the governor belt weigher batching, feeding the belt conveyor vertical roller grinding mill, fineness of 250 mesh finished limestone. After grinding limestone powder through the conveyor into the finished products storage. Top with a single depot Library precipitator dust. Finished powder provided by the library at the end of bulk machine, into the bulk tank car transport factory.
Vertical roller grinding mill desulfurization limestone powder characteristics
Vertical roller grinding mill grinding process using material layer grinding principles, grinding pressure adjustable, low noise, low power consumption, small abrasion of materials adaptable, simple process, high system efficiency. System-wide vacuum operation, dust pollution. Vertical mill grinding process, and its products are homogeneous particle size distribution, product fineness adjustable (product fineness can reach more than 600 mesh), and the fineness of the product can be quickly measured, corrected.
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