Vertical Mill For Fly Ash Processing
Fly ash is the fine ash collected from the flue gas after combustion. It is the main solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plants. Fly ash can also be used as cement mixture after being processed by grinding equipment, which can greatly improve the performance of concrete. Now with the development of industry, fly ash can be used in more fields, and as fly ash The processing equipment of the vertical mill has gradually attracted people's attention.

Coal ash is one of industrial waste residues. With the continuous development of the electric power industry, the global slag discharge volume has increased year by year. If these fly ash are not treated, they will generate dust and pollute the atmosphere, and the toxic chemicals in the coal ash will also It is harmful to the human body and organisms. Therefore, the treatment and utilization of coal ash has also become a new area that has attracted much attention.
At present, with the development of milling equipment technology, large-scale ultra-fine milling equipment has been able to realize the one-time ultra-fine powder processing of materials. The particle size of the coal ash treated by the mill is uniform, and the surface activity is improved, which can be directly applied to In the concrete, a large amount of cement raw materials can be saved, and the plasticity and stability of the concrete can be enhanced. And now there are a large number of cement companies that mix coal fly ash with different types of cement clinker at a ratio of 8% to make finished cement.
With the continuous expansion of the development and utilization of coal ash, the corresponding grinding technology requirements will become higher and higher. The traditional Raymond mill, ball mill and other equipment on the market before can no longer meet the treatment requirements in industrial production. As required for capacity and fineness, new vertical mill equipment will also become the mainstream equipment used in mills.
The vertical mill is an energy-saving milling equipment manufactured by the integration of foreign advanced successful experience and technological innovation and upgrading of our company. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading, and conveying. It is mainly composed of a grinding roller assembly. , Grinding disc assembly, hydraulic station, main reducer, motor, body, transmission arm assembly, powder separator, PLC electric control cabinet and other parts, with stable quality, low operating costs, convenient operation and maintenance, low investment costs, drying A series of features such as high dry efficiency.
vertical mill

Common faults that need to be prevented during the processing of fly ash:
When the ultra-fine vertical mill pulverizes fly ash, if the bulging phenomenon appears, it will affect the production of the equipment. If the bulging is not stopped in time, a series of severe failures will occur. Therefore, when bloating is found, it should be adjusted in time to eliminate the fault of bloating.

1. Strengthen the quality of the ball: If the quality of the ball of the ultra-fine vertical mill is poor, the density, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance of the ball will be reduced, so it is easy to cause the equipment to swell during operation; it is recommended It is necessary to strengthen the quality of the ball, such as the use of high-quality steel balls and a reasonable ball loading system, not only to reduce the bulge of the machine, but also an important factor to ensure the stable operation of the ultra-fine vertical mill.
2. Correct operation: The correct operation of the ultra-fine vertical mill equipment can not only ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but also reduce the phenomenon of bulging of the equipment. For example, the correct amount of water added, the particle size of the ore and the uniformity of the ore. Especially the ratio of steel balls. Only reasonable ratio of steel balls can have enough impact, squeeze and grinding effect to prevent the equipment from bulging.
3. Regular addition of steel balls: The ultra-fine vertical mill equipment should regularly add steel balls during work, so that the proportion of the equipment's steel balls is appropriate, so that the equipment has a good operating condition and reduces the number of times that the equipment bulges. .
4. Control the size of the material: When the superfine vertical mill is pulverizing the material, if the material is too large or small, the operation of the equipment will be unstable and cause bloating. Therefore, the crushed materials must meet the requirements of the equipment, and they must not be too large or too small, and the amount of materials must meet the requirements of the equipment to avoid bulging of the equipment.

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