Limestone Grinding Equipment Application
Shanghai Clirik limestone grinding equipment machinery company includes ultrafine mill, Raymond mill, limestone Raymond models also have a variety of applications in all aspects of processing after each model, the effect is very well, as we explain below limestone application process after the more popular areas in which.
1, the most common is the production of Portland cement. After breaking limestone rock crusher, re-entering the mill can meet the requirements of the cement material after grinding.
2, is used as a filler in the production process of plastics, paints, rubber, paper, ink and so on. Can be processed through the mill project scope 100-2000 limestone powder into full play the role of fillers.
3, the production of high-grade paper coating grade calcium carbonate products. Fine, superfine and activity of heavy calcium carbonate in the papermaking process is widely used.
4, production desulfurization absorber. Limestone crushed to 0 ~ 2mm, desulfurization, the final reaction product is gypsum. Shnaghai Clirik production of large power plant desulfurization mill has been applied by a number of thermal power enterprises, the grinding equipment mature, high desulfurization efficiency, wide range of applications. 5, calcined limestone, after carbonation to produce precipitated calcium carbonate products.
6, for the production of active lime, lime passivation. By lime, limestone calcination active lime production, and post-processing to produce passivated by lime.

As can be seen from the limestone applications, need to pass after breaking into the mill mechanism powder, then apply to all walks of life, while Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. Since its inception in dedicated exclusively to proceed, crushing, milling machine developed work, after long-term use to identify customers, limestone mill equipment reflect dedicated to good effect, many consumers are called exclusive domestic production of high-performance devices with the world advanced level. Welcomes the intention of customers come to our company for testing the grinding equipment before purchasing, Clirik staff always welcome your arrival.

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