Private Order: Clirik Mica Grinding Mill
For grinding mills manufacturers, how to maintain the vitality and competitive advantage of enterprises in the fierce market competition, adapt to market demand and development is an important issue, and is also one of the embodiment of corporate strength. Shanghai Clirik insists on science and technology, invests in products and research and development, and continuously learns advanced industry technology and development fields.

Shanghai Clirik's main equipment, Mica Crusher, is an ideal tool for the current mica grinding mill. It can be used for mica minerals of sericite, muscovite, phlogopite and biotite. On the mica grinding mill, Shanghai Clirik absorbs the current industry's advanced selection design concept and provides customized services to match the customer's needs for parameter matching and equipment configuration to meet the diverse powdering needs of customers.

Mica grinding mill customization parameter matching: mica grinding mill parameters are a direct reflection of mill performance, and also an important basis for enterprises to understand mills and selection configuration. Different milling requirements affect mica grinding mill parameters, such as the large capacity directly affects the grinding The number of rolls and the multiple details of the grain size affect whether a secondary grading system needs to be configured. The mica grinding mill can be customized to match the parameters. For different customers' milling requirements, such as capacity, particle size, energy consumption, and startup time, the mica pulverizer parameters can be personalized and customized to create a mica grinding mill. It is more suitable for customers' actual milling requirements. In practical applications, it can better utilize the advantages of mill production and create value.

Mica shredder customized equipment configuration: Completed the mica shredder host configuration, other supporting equipment configuration also needs to be targeted design, because the complete and orderly complete mica shredder production line can better guarantee the milling effect. Shanghai Clirik provides custom mica grinding mill configuration for mica shredders. In the common basic mica shredder supporting equipment: fans, feeders, pulse dust collector hoists, packaging machines, etc., it can streamline unnecessary equipment and reduce additional cost for customers. Obtain a mica shredder configuration plan that meets the customer's budget and is cost-effective.

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